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Craig Smith possesses a warmth and honesty that permeates everything he touches, everyone he meets, every song he sings.

Craig first made his mark, as a solo recording artist, in 2007, with the album ʻNot Sure Not Sureʼ, a musical statement of self-awareness, that made some critical best of lists, including the Toronto Star Anti-Hit List (a compilation of the best music found outside the mainstream).

Craigʼs self-assessment then - “Iʼve never really been sure about what Iʼm doing, I just write songs and kind of hope for the best.”

Since then, Craig has stayed the course, touring and continuing to clear a path that cleverly walks the line between the roots of rock and country, and the melody of pop. “I guess my main influences have been people like Neil Young who have always had the integrity to follow their own instincts,” he says. “I wouldnʼt want to get boxed into one category, even though I understand some of the advantages of that. I mean, I love country music, but I also love Bowie.”

Add to Craigʼs inspirations Jeff Tweedy of Wilco and Paul Westerberg (Replacements), artists who have cultivated a more independent-minded approach, who have clearly permeated Smithʼs musical psyche.

On his newest album, Heavy Early, Craig Smith coaxes his familiar Gretsch guitar in and out of corners of his mind, from where comes 12 more musings of a young man pondering his place in the world and the relationships that have brought him love, loss, longing and evidently a little wisdom along the way.

Heavy Early isnʼt just an assemblage of random tracks, but a classic two-sider vinyl kind of album, where the full resonance and weight of it can only be felt by taking the full.

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Craig Smith

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