“Alfie Smith is one Bad Mother @%*#er” Mel Brown

Alfie Smith’s unique style of music can be best described as “Outlaw Blues”; blending hard edged Rock and Roll, Gospel, Folk and Jazz with Pure Primal Blues. It’s the ‘no holds barred’ kind of music of a modern day Blues Man.

At the heart of the music is a singularly brooding baritone voice; in the tradition of the old Blues Shouters. Alfie’s vocal style is fine 20 year old single malt; Smooth and powerful with a burning passion that is the driving force of every song.

“Sometimes The Rain” is Alfie’s 6th CD and his 2nd release for Busted Flat records.

“Sometimes the Rain” showcases his multi-instrumentalist skill with everything that is fretted.

Recorded in less than 12 hours; a true representation of his live performance.

It is a solo acoustic record featuring a bunch of great new compositions as well as a brilliant interpretation of 'Graceland' by Paul Simon.

Alfie has been a featured performer at the Harbourfront Blues Festival, Mariposa, Festival of Friends, Home County, Eaglewood, Red Rock, Mill Race, Brampton, Octoberfolk, Orillia Spring Blues, Barriefolk and Orangeville Blues & Jazz festivals. He has also played such fine theatres as the Sanderson Center, Hamilton Place, the Lighthouse Theatre, Cambridge Art Centre and the Waterloo Community Arts Centre. Alfie was selected for official showcases at the O.C.F.F. and the 2005 Blues Summit II. He was nominated for Best Blues Album at the 2006 Hamilton Music Awards.