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THE VAUDEVILLIAN doesn't just play badass, foot stomping music - the Hamilton, ON based trio puts on a proper show. It's the kind of show that's honed by hitchhiking from raucous house shows to rowdy bars, and busking everywhere in between. Jitterbug James (vocals / guitar / carzoobamaphone), Piedmont Johnson (vox / bull fiddle) and Norah Spades (washboard) wail like reincarnated blues singers ripped from the pages of history, and have won over audiences and critics with their sound and imaginative performances. The Vaudevillian will spit, scream and stomp their way into your hearts...

Having played club and festival stages from Toronto to New Orleans, from Montreal to Windsor, including shows at Daytona Blues Fest, Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival and Montreal One Man Band Festival - THE VAUDEVILLIAN have built a loyal following, both on- and offline, constantly releasing new material and perfecting their craft even further.

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The Vaudevillian

Bringing Satan Down